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Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

09:00AM - 04:30PM
Not Available
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Anyone working with children and families in Broward County
This one-day seminar on Cognitive (behavioral) therapy (CBT) will provide participants with an introduction to this powerful therapeutic approach. Included will be in-depth coverage of the process of cognitive conceptualization, how to identify and challenge maladaptive thought patterns that contribute to emotional distress, and how to modify the underlying internal belief systems that are the source of problematic thinking and emotional pain. As an introductory seminar to CBT, this training is not intended to supplant thorough training and supervision in CBT, but rather will provide novice participants with an introduction to this highly effective form of treatment in an informative and collegial environment. Clinicians with greater experience will also benefit from this training in honing their knowledge and skills in the fundamental concepts and useful tools of CBT. In addition to didactic methods and video demonstration, participants will have the opportunity to practice skills and techniques during the seminar.
Doyle Patton
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