Agency Capacity Building

The Children’s Services Council (CSC) is committed to supporting and strengthening emerging and niche agencies that provide services for children and families in Broward County.  We work in partnership with those agencies’ leadership to support organizational effectiveness and sustainability.
In an effort to maximize social impact, the CSC coordinates the Agency Capacity Building Committee (ACB), which is co-chaired by Council members Ana Valladares and Robert Runcie.  The ACB provides a forum for networking and resource sharing for emerging and maturing organizational leaders. It also offers an array of fast paced training opportunities to expand leadership’s organizational tool box through seminar boot camps, newsletters containing grant opportunities & other useful information as well as technical assistance.

Agency Capacity Building and Leadership Trainings Sponsored by CSC
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Title Date
Building Strong Teams through Personal Leadership April 11, 2018
Envision & Develop a Strong Leadership Philosophy April 13, 2018
Dealing with Challenging People April 27, 2018
Essential Conversations for Developing Others April 30, 2018
Building Your Leadership Capacity May 8, 2018
Find Your Courage and Turn Your Fear Into Fuel May 21, 2018
True Self Confidence is Self Mastery June 22, 2018
Critical and Creative Thinking for Leaders August 2, 2018
Building Strategic Relationships July 27, 2018
Begin With the End in Mind: Strategic Planning for Non-Profits August 23, 2018


Business Resources:
Resources under this category will provide organizations with quick access to health and human services providers in Broward County, as well as free and low-cost supplies, equipment, meeting space and merchandise beneficial your organization.

Professional Consulting & Legal Aid Resources:
Professionals in this category support nonprofits by providing services designed including; business consulting, infrastructure development, training, fundraising coaching, fiscal development, as well as legal services.

Natural Resources:
This category contains agencies that provided resources in the area of food and goods.

Volunteer Engagement:
This category contains agencies that serve to match volunteer services and resources with local agencies seeking support.

Meeting Dates for 2018

The ACB Committee meets on a quarterly basis from 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm at the Children's Services Council.
Meeting dates are as follows:
February 28, 2018
May 23, 2018
August 22, 2018
November 7, 2018
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Funded Program Directory

Our Funded Program Directory is an excellent resource to learn more about the programs and agencies funded through CSC Broward.
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Funding Resources

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NonProfit Resources

The Alliance of Nonprofit Resource Organizations (ANRO), based in Broward County, Florida is a coalition of public agencies and community nonprofit organizations united to provide current and new nonprofit organizations with resources to aid in their success. Click here for more information.

Learning for Leaders

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Agency Capacity Building

Enjoy this Future First segment on Agency Capacity Building.

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